How do you leverage micro content if you don’t know what it truly means? Micro content stems from the term, “micro learning.” I’ve adapted this term and branded it as a copywriter. My name is Jerreme and I’m a Micro Content Strategist. I help businesses create a brand identity using less words for more impact. Then, I help businesses scale with profitability by obtaining, retaining, and converting attention into sales. It all starts with my new eBook, “Best Captions Win.” I teach you how to turn your favorite Instagram captions into a profitable eBook. We literally turn what you have into a digital book. In our world today, information is currency. How you present that information matters! I teach you how to obtain attention with information using less words for more impact. How do you obtain attention with your words? Write and speak words that provoke emotion and thought!

Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

Let me show you how to gain attention by letting two keywords shine within you! These are two keywords that are often overlooked in terms of context. Have you ever thought about: skill and empathy. Now, most people think about these words on the surface level. Let’s dive into the context that opens the sky up to endless possibilities. Let me help you help you inhale growth and exhale stress. Empathy is expressed by the story you have to share. The possibilities to achieve no matter the cost is what you’re inhaling. The trials and tribulations you’ve overcome are what you are exhaling. To get to where you want to be, you must trust in your ability to articulate your vision. You must provoke emotion by sharing your mission the right way. Your skill is your service or product that enables you to enjoy the view. You generate revenue by sharing your view with the world in a clear and precise manner. Micro content enables you to do both of these things while saving your breath. You must explore your empathy and skill using less words for more impact!

We live in a society driven by technology. If you don’t have a prominent presence on social media in terms of words as a brand or business then you are one step behind. More importantly, if you don’t know how to utilize technology to create passive streams of income with those words then you will be behind the curve.

As we enter 2021, realize that words translate into information which means your words are a form of currency. I’ve created a system built around a brand blueprint with my brand coach that will revolutionize your business. Are you ready?

It all started in May 2020! I took a step of faith to rebrand my business after a decade of work, sacrifice, and commitment. However, these attributes don’t produce results. Application and practice get you results. As a result of applying what I practiced, I established a new vision with the help of a brand coach and strategist, Julia CEO. Here branding agency, “NUMAG ATLANTA” helped me explore my vision beyond the sun. My light is brighter than ever before because I made a breakthrough. How? I finally structured a plan for my micro content. It feels like I’m on the edge of greatness! I’ve begun to stand out instead of fit in on social media platforms. Now, my words shine bright and withstand the test of time!

Photo by Giovanni Ribeiro on Unsplash

As you are learning to pivot amid a pandemic, it’s essential to create a coalition of like-minded professionals that understand the value of words, marketing, branding, and strategy in a digital world. I’ve partnered with a brand team that saw my vision and invested in the value I have to offer. As we begin the last month in 2020, think about the way you are presenting your words within your brand. Are your words truly igniting a fire that shines on the inside of your brand?



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